In my evolving identities as teacher educator, early childhood educator, choreographer, and dance/somatic educator, I work towards seeing and honoring each of my students by supporting their holistic wellness, authentic expression, critical-self reflection, and significant learning and development. In my role as educator, I view myself as a knowledgeable facilitator working to shift the traditional power dynamics of classroom spaces by creating a conversational community environment with my students as we hold our wellbeing and diverse life experiences in high esteem. I value and work to ensure that my students experience safety and rigor in their learning, empowered agency in their inquiries, teaching, and research, critical awareness and consciousness, and a restorative justice of their whole, bodily selves and becoming identities. I intentionally work to foster inclusive, critically conscious, justice-oriented, consent-culture pedagogical practices and learning spaces for myself and my students so that they can be better equipped to succeed in their educational goals, practice empathy and acceptance of diversities, and collectively shift harmful paradigms that surround the fields of dance, education and society. 

I strive to empower student/dancer voice through critical contextualization of content, dialogic discussions, and embodied/experiential learning. I encourage my students/dancers to feel a sense of empowered agency over the content of their learning, improvisation, and collaborations. This helps us to create a community where they feel safe(r) being with their own and others’ authentic vulnerability and critical self-awareness. I aim to help my students find relevancy, inclusivity, and autonomy in their own learning and development, in relation to and with our classroom/studio community members, as well as with those communities that we directly and indirectly interact with outside the classroom/studio space.

I foster and encourage attention and significance to my students’ state of being and embodied selves. I welcome students/dances to tend to themselves, ground into the present moment, and be co-creators of the energy of our space. I view Body as a dynamic, living site for meaning making, knowledge, communication, learning, and identity. My pedagogy allows students/dancers to re-member Body, remain connected to their sense of Body, and practice restorative justice for Body. 

In summary, my justice-oriented, Body-celebratory pedagogy is constantly evolving based on the lived experiences of my students/dancers as well as the findings from my own research in pedagogy. I teach to help students/dancers re-member their inner, embodied selves in order to connect to their own authenticity for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of future generations.


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