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International Conference Presentations

Buono, A. (2023).  Critical somatic inquiry: Methods of practice informed by movement organizers and transformative justice. Paper presentation, The Artful Inquiry Research Group 4th Annual Symposium, McGill University, April 2023.

Buono, A., & Chappell, R. (2022). Emergent strategies for practicing togetherness in tertiary dance education.

Workshop, Decolonizing Tertiary Dance Education: Time to Act, Stockholm University of Arts and Makerere University, Virtual, April 8.

Buono, A.  (2021). Somatic movement literacy: Decolonizing early childhood education through restorative bodily learning.  Interactive session,  Bodily Learning,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Virtual, April 22.

Buono, A., & Burnidge, A. (2021). Dance integration: Centering the role of the body in science learning and education. Workshop, Bodily Learning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Virtual, April 22.


Gonzalez, C. H., & Buono, A. (2020).  Transformed by our arts-based research: Actioning into bodily justice in teacher education. Interactive session, The Artful Inquiry Research Group 3rd Annual Symposium, McGill University, Virtual, October 16.


Buono, A. (2020). Fostering somatic movement literacy with young children. Paper presentation, Future(s) of Dance Education(s) Conference, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, (Cancelled due to COVID-19) April.


Barrett, N., Buono, A., & Gonzalez, C. H. (2019).   Knowing our research differently: Multimodal and arts-based methods of data analysis and (re)presentation.  Symposium session,  American Education Research Association Annual Meeting,  Toronto, ON, April 22.


Buono, A.  (2016).   Movement and guided imagery in young children’s development: Toward a somatic pedagogy of consciousness. Paper presentation,  7th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, Athens Institute for Education and Research,  Athens, Greece, May 31.

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