I teach to empower my students to be openminded and curious about their lived, somatic experiences, that of their peers, and to use this bodily knowledge to decolonize education. In my role as educator, I view myself as a knowledgeable facilitator working to co-create safer and braver learning spaces with my students. I work towards seeing and honoring each of my students by supporting their holistic wellness, authentic expression, critical self-reflection, and bodily learning. In my pedagogical relationship with my students, we shape a community of belonging where we build our capacity to sit with the discomfort of developing a critical consciousness and pedagogical rigor based on the complex realities of education in history and society. Antiracism, embodied cognition, somatic movement principles, the learning sciences, and mindfulness are theoretical pillars of my teaching philosophy and pedagogy.

My vision for teacher education is rooted in my curricular goals of helping educators see injustice in their own practices and in educational systems, as well as empowering them to take actions to dismantle systemic oppression in their teaching. My vision, goals, and actions are largely informed by the work and scholarship of Audre Lorde, Dr. Bettina Love, Layla Saad, Dr. Christopher Emdin, Crystal U. Davis, and Prentis Hemphill.