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Kneeling Protestors


Since June 2020, Alexia has been a co-organizer of two higher education antiracist coalitions.

Alexia is a co-organizer of the online Do the Work Learning Community, a multi-institutional antiracist reading and discussion group of originally over 120 participants. Alexia has worked with a group of eight co-administrators (higher education faculty across the US) to design an online antiracist learning and action faculty/staff community. Her major responsibilities include co-creating our Community Agreements, co-organizing and actively participating in our bi-weekly meetings, reading and discussing antiracist literature, enacting antiracist pedagogy and practices, posting resources to our Slack channel, and facilitating the Mixed BIPOC affinity space. 

Alexia also co-organizes and co-facilitates an activist adjunct and junior faculty/staff coalition that initially started within the Department of Dance at SUNY Brockport. This coalition of contingent dance faculty has been actively committed to an antiracist agenda that guides how we revolutionize our curriculum and pedagogies and make actionable change towards anti-oppression in our universities and lives. Alexia and three of her colleagues published an article with The Activist History Review (2020) on how they work together to reimagine power and privilege within their departments and classrooms. 

Virtual Team Meeting


Alexia has been the organizer and co-organizer of two online writing groups beginning in April 2020.

Alexia organizes an international writing group that has meet at least twice a week through Zoom since April 2020. Participants engage in brief check-ins, share intentions for writing, and work for at least two hours each session.

More recently, Alexia is the co-organizer of a dance professor writing group that began meeting in March 2021. Participants gather at least twice a week for at least two hours and follow a similar structure as the writing group outlined above.

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