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Alexia was student-nominated for the 2020 Presidential Teaching Excellence Award during the COVID pandemic in Spring 2020 at SUNY Brockport

Image by Chris Montgomery


I have never had a professor or teacher like Alexia Buono. She has opened my eyes to a whole different world of learning and different relationship between teacher and student...Many of my classmates have described her class as a breath of fresh air. She is someone who really cares about her students. She cares about their well being. I've never had a professor layout out their format for the class to us as students and genuinely ask for opinions about what we wanted to learn and how we felt about something. Many of us feel that we have gotten more out of her class and have learned more in her class than any of our other ones...In class, much of our time is spent discussing things and working collaboratively with students for a variety of projects. Everyone speaks to the capacity they are comfortable with, but Alexia creates such a welcoming and open space between her and her students there isn't a need to really feel anxious or nervous about speaking. Each class is a new experience and I am always left wanting to talk about it to a friend and tell them all we did or what long term project we are working on. It is such a complex yet simple class that I always look forward to being a part of. Alexia bases her teaching off her students each time we have class. She listens to where each of us are physically, mentally and allows us to participate and do things to the extent that we need to for that day. Sometimes she changes her lesson plan to better fit where we may be. She treats us as equals to her and as human beings.

Alexia is an amazing educator. Going to her class the last two semesters has been full of so many adventures. Her pedagogy of education should be shared with all teachers on campus. I have never been in a class where I have felt so cared for. She loves us all so much and cares about our wellbeing, and she lets us all have a voice. Most teachers think that if you include those things, you won’t get a proper education. But they are wrong. In my last three years of college I have learned the most in Alexias class. She is an INCREDIBLY smart woman and I love hearing everything she has to offer. More people need to be like her and more people need to give her more of a chance. My life has changed because of her. I feel so welcomed, I feel like I actually matter in this world, and I truly truly have learned so much in her class that I can take with me into my future classroom as an educator. I hope to teach my students the same way Alexia has taught all of us. Truly an amazing person.

She not only cares about the content she’s teaching she cares about all her students and increases the level of comfortability in her class by making us a connected community and family.

Alexia cares for the well being of her students more than any professor I have ever had. She gets away from traditional pedagogical ways and teaches in a way that is modern and much more fitting for this generation. She fits her lesson plans to her students and is super engaged during class time being sure that her students get the absolute most out of every single class. I really appreciate her approach to teaching that is quite innovative and seems to really be working for everyone involved.

Alexia puts the well-being of her students first. She makes us want to learn. She is one of my only professors that I actually take something from her class and know I am going to use it in my future. She is inspiring and I wish all my classes were like hers. She is so passionate about her work and her students. She gets rid of the whole hierarchy between students and professors, to allow us students to still be treated equally. She has a lot of respect from both me and my entire class for this.

Alexia has been the most amazing professor I have ever had. She cares deeply for all of her students health and wellbeing along with giving us all the tools we will ever need in our future as educators. Her strength and attitude towards life is what makes me want to be a fantastic educator myself. She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and her love for teaching.

She truly cares for the well-being and health of her students. She puts her students first always. She makes class enjoyable and extremely informative. She makes her classroom a safe space for everyone in to and put in all her effort to make sure her students are getting the best education possible despite the circumstances.

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